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 Veterinary experts that are accessible 24/7  to provide advice on your pets health

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24/7 Live Chat/Facetime

No such thing as a question too big or too small. Noticed something wrong with your pet in the middle of the night? Or early morning? No problem veterinary experts are here to answer and give our opinion.

 Anytime, Anywhere.

No More Unwanted Trips to the Vet

We love our pets, and as we rush to the vet hospital only to find out a simple Neosporin or some cage rest was all that was needed, unfortunately, the trip cost us our time, and money. This doesn't mean its bad,all we are saying is consult with us before rushing down to the vet, let us give you our opinion on how critical your pets condition is.

Unlimited Chats/Facetime

Yup, just $1 per month with multiple pets included with getting you unlimited access to our expert advice on your pet's issues. 

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We are 100% sure to save you hundreds and provide convenience for you! So why not let your friends know about us and receive a free month! 


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Expedite ER Service Admission

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